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Talk: Antifragile Idea Generation

John Carmack
  • Quotes by Kent Beck:

    • “Sometimes, the best way to be smart is not to be smart at all”
    • “Young developers don’t understand how deeply great developers care”
  • It’s important to have lots of ideas.

  • Expose yourself to lots of stimulus. This is the source of lot of ideas especially if you can link them together.

  • Enjoy the high you get when you come up with an idea

  • Then try to bust the ideas as fast as possible

  • When ideating, think first about how to bust your idea

  • This gives you an assymetry where you enjoy the highs and limit the lows of trying out bad ideas.

  • Having ideas and not busting them causes them to become pet ideas.

    • You will not be as harsh as necessary on them
  • Thus ideas that can’t be tested immediately aren’t as valuable.

  • On improvement: Factors of 4 are when things start to get interesting.