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RPG Story Flavor

Book: Game Angry
  • Tension and Pace are 2 ways to add flavor to a story

  • Tension is the criticality of the moment occuring in the story. i.e. What’s at stake Eg: Anywhere from watching birds fly to fighting for life and death

  • Pace is the rate at which the story is progressing or the number of events folding per unit time. Eg: Fast paced action thriller vs slow romantic buildup

  • They can be used in any combination. Eg: Tense hostage negotiation is high tension, low pace while a dance scene is fast paced, low tension

  • One heuristic is to never use 2 tension-pace combos consecutively.

  • One job of the DM is to change the flavor of the story by observing the players. i.e. Use the story flavors as levers to control player interest

Book: Game Angry,