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Book: The now habit
  • Procrastination: Anxiety associated with starting or finishing a task

  • We procrastinate due to perfectionism and our many fears

    • The fear of being overwhelmed
    • Fear of failure
    • Fear of finishing
  • It’s a coping mechanism for fear of our worth being judged

  • Procrastination gives us temporary relief through:

    • resisting pressure from authorities
    • preventing fear of failure through providing an excuse
    • preventing fear of success through increased expectations
  • After procrastinating, we lose time and get further time pressure thus creating a negative feedback loop.

    • Fear then becomes the motivation to get things done.
  • Use mental tricks and guards to push through procrastination

    • Ex: Mental trick from running: Takes work to break. Takes work to continue. Might as well continue.
    • Be on guard to prevent preparation turning into procrastination
    • Congratulate yourself that you started. No more “Should be finished”.
  • The anxiety of being overwhelmed steers you towards procrastination

    • It’s the anxiety to go from where you are to where you should be
    • Prepare for the worst. This removes anxiety and allows you the strength to not worry
    • Often there are 3 components to this:
Book: The now habit,