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Presenting Checklist

Book: Better Presentations Selling Presenting Communication writing
  • What kind of presentation are you giving? (Technical? Narrative driven?)

  • Who is your audience? (Students? Stakeholders? Technical?)

  • What should be the one takeaway message from your presentation? (i.e. Headline)

  • What do you want the audience to do with your message? (i.e. Actionables)

  • How will you capture the audience’s attention with you opening statement?

  • How will you leave a strong impression with your closing statement?

  • What are the different sections of your presentation? (i.e. Outline)

  • What story are you telling your audience?

  • What images are you using to help visualize your story? (Use your imagination, not a search engine)

  • What are the questions you might expect from the audience?