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Pattern Recognition

Intelligence Lindy Book: The wisdom paradox
  • The ability to classify a new problem as a member of a set of old problems.

  • It is seen everywhere in nature.

  • Pattern recognition develops over the years and is resistant to cognitive decline.

  • Some kinds of pattern recognition are prewired in us. Others are completely open-ended and unwired.

    • Pattern recognition from phylum prewiring is on the order of millions of years
    • Pattern recognition from civilization and culture: 1000s of years
    • Life: decades
  • Pattern Recognition is the most common and powerful tool in the natural world to solve problems

  • Not every human can engage in a life accumulating patterns of great value

    • Thought: The privelege of the few who can? This could also be a source of greate inequality between humans.
    • Thus for those who engage in a life of mental challenge, wisdom is their reward
      • Ex: In a study, those who displayed high reasoning ability showed an increase in general knowledge and vocabulary with age compared to those who didn’t.
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