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Mark Zuckerberg

Book: The Facebook Effect
  • Mark didn’t want money and saw it as a necessity. He focused heavily on growth.

  • Mark, Dustin, and the team pored through the data constantly

  • From the early days, Mark wanted FB to be a platform.

    • Thought: Perhaps an attempt to direct social energy to build for FB?
    • FB apps wouldn’t have more power than 3rd party apps.
    • Basically, a kind of corporate darwinism that he hoped would keep the company honest.
  • Mark didn’t care about money as much as market positioning.

  • Mark was unresponsive to the pain that Beacon caused to a vocal minority of users

  • Mark spent tons of hours (50ish) talking to Sandberg before hiring her.

    • Post hiring her, he took a 1 month pilgrimage
  • He wanted to focus on the long term growth of the company.

    • Saw advertising as a way to pay the bills
  • He believes more transparency will lead to a more fair and just world.

  • He had planned News Feed very early, years before it was eventually launched.

  • He wanted Facebook to be open and get competition

    • He thought companies that build a wall around them die
Book: The Facebook Effect, Facebook, Human Interest,