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Book: The Facebook Effect Mark Zuckerberg
  • Extreme chaos was common early on in FB’s history

  • They looked for and hired non-conventional elites from other companies

    • Thought: A strategy I’d tried to use in my previous job
  • Facebook (FB) needed wherever it spread to have lots of dense overlapping relationships.

  • FB faced problems that at the time, they had no idea how to solve.

    • Ex: How to get adult users? Will they like FB?
  • Accel was an early investor

  • FB had started facebook work, but it failed.

  • FB used email contacts to pull networks of people in.

    • Ex: Address book importer
  • Early on, FB experimented with payments.

    • Ex: A currency users could use to buy game assets in FB
  • FB can be used for market research as well as they have extreme demographic info about their users.

  • FB found policing how apps use user data is hard

    • Ex: An app was found using profile photos for dating ads
    • Future ex: The Cambridge Analytica scandal
  • Facebook crowdsourced their translation service

    • Mark didn’t oversee it
  • Facebook started with tactical programming (Move fast and break things) and switched to strategic (Move fast with stable infra)

Book: The Facebook Effect, Mark Zuckerberg, Social Energy, Winner Takes All, Talk: Facebook and memcached, Primary Colors, Decision Reversibility,