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Career Choice

  • When evaluating, look for personal fit, flexibility & relevance to your long term plans.

  • Do something that you enjoy with a chance to excel1.

  • The most successful careers have far more impact than typical careers

  • When evaluating career choices, it helps to narrow down your options.

  • Use the expansion contraction technique to come up with a list of options

    • Use the following questions to come up with more options.
      • If not these, then what?
      • If I had no constraints (Ex: financial etc), then what?
      • What do my friends/colleagues/advisors say?
      • What opportunities are available through connections?
  • Focus on key uncertainies: What info could change your ranking?

    • List them down
  • Finally, research:

    • Read Career Reviews and google
    • Talk to people
  • Choose options that let you experience the most

    • Wide range of industries
    • Many different skills
    • Give you a lot of free time
    • In my experience, Hackathons tick a lot of these boxes.

  1. Think of it as an assymetric upside ↩︎