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Book: The Ostritch Factor

  • Relativism and gentle ridicule could be antidotes to Taboo

  • Language both facilitates thought and prevents it

  • Thought: Author packages controversial and non-controversial together and calls them non-controversial

  • The quote “Survival of the fittest” preceded Origin of Species by 7 years

    • Darwin never liked that phrase
  • Democracy is mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon

  • Biological mechanism have both development and de-development.

    • Uninhibited growth can be a curse
  • Alienation from work produces revolt

  • Growth of a species is limited by the nutrient that is least available

Selection Pressure, Optimism, Overpopulation, Carrying Capacity, Rights, Ecological Principles, Longage, Diseconomies of scale, Gresham’s Law,