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Book: The now habit

  • We need better tools than procrastination.

  • We need better time management + structure to deal with our commitments

  • One strategy is to use an activity log to measure time spent and resultant thoughts and feelings.

  • You need a stronger sense of self worth. i.e. One that is not hurt by these threats to your identity.

    • Can’t keep fighting these threats to your identity
    • This requires developing a strong core through iteration which requires multiple failures
  • One solution to overcoming your body’s natural fight or flight response is actionability.

    • replace shoulds with actionable goals
    • What, When, Where, How
  • Benefitial thinking patterns:

    • When can I start?
    • Make it work, then refactor, then optimize
    • No time to play -> I must take time to play
  • Time to play is time for physical and mental renewal.

    • Guilt free play is important to focus on work
  • Initial rate of progress is always slow. You get faster when you see more.

  • Shipping beats perfection.

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