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Book: On Writing Well

  • Put humanity and warmth into your writing. People want to read the author underneath

  • Always simplify. Remove as much unnecessary words as possible.

  • Assume readers are dumb with very short attention spans

  • It’s better to commit to something and be vulnerable rather than use defensive, vague language.

  • Write for yourself. Take pleasure in writing.

  • When writing, resist the temptation to copy. Stand out and find your own voice.

  • Writing is learned by imitation.

    • It’s important to read great writers, pay attention, and have high standards
  • Pay attention to how something sounds.

    • Reader’s read with their inner ear.
  • Have a consistent writing voice. Don’t switch between first person, second person, and third person or between different tenses.

  • Start small. Think of the one thing you want to leave in your reader’s minds.

  • Expose yourself to lots of stimulus.

  • Keep a finger on the pulse of society to know what they respond to.

    • Ex: Newspapers, Reddit, Buzzfeed, Popular movies, TV shows, titles etc
  • The ending should be sudden and feel “right”

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