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Book: Inspired

Product Management
  • Product manageer’s role: Develop MVP with least complexity in shortest time

  • Project management (Think Scrum) is different from product management

  • When working in a new domain, a good heuristic is that 80% of skills are transferrable across domains (Especially Multi-use skills)

    • Focus fully on gaining context when starting in a new domain
  • Micro-management leads to lack of ownership.

  • Net promoter score (NPS) is often a simple, powerful metric for how well people like your product.

  • Best way to get information (i.e. Signal from noise)

    • Hang out with smart people
    • Keep your door open. i.e. Seem inviting to other people.
    • Pay attention to dialog in meetings and conversations.
  • There might be a struggle between building the right product vs building the product right.

  • Keep a reference customer to try out early stuff.

    • The stuff should be the same as the target marketplace
    • Launch only when they’re happy
    • Early reviews provide direction and are crucial.
  • Collect metrics on everything. Invest in tools to analyze them.

Product Management,