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Book: Antifragile

  • 3 reasons for increasing fragility of our world is size, speed, and concentration.

  • Humans aren’t good at filtering information, i.e. distinguishing signal vs noise.

  • Laziness and procrastination of humans act as natural filters for importance and urgency.

  • Humans are prone to domain dependence of knowledge. It takes wisdom to break through this.

  • Organic systems grow in response to extreme events. The system overcompensates through a disproportionate response.

  • Negative advice is often more helpful than positive advice. Ex: The 10 commandments.

  • Optionality = asymmetry + rationality

  • It is the question that we try to solve that should come first.

    • The pre-requisites required to solve the question follow. Not the other way around.
  • In those that are fragile, errors accumulate in only one direction.

    • Ex: Projects can get later unboundedly but similarly earlier
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