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Book: 48 Hour Startup

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  • Just do it. Don’t be a wantrepreneur.

  • Tell people your idea. Resist the urge to hide it away.

  • Don’t over analyze. After a point, you’ve just got to take a leap of faith.

  • Find people who can and will give you honest and critical feedback.

  • Maintaining optimism in the face of constant rejection is important.

  • The iteration and feedback loop involves:

  • Talk to your customers!

  • Everyone’s competing. The advantage lies in moving fast.

  • Undivided attention is critical and gives a great return in getting things shipped.

  • Fast-follower companies are much less likely to fail compared to pioneer companies.

  • Find the right problem to work on

  • It’s easier to sell people what they want.

  • Keep an eye on different information sources

  • When starting something

  • Ideas for product feedback/ competitor analysis

    • Get database of prospetic customer numbers
    • Call them and ask for help.
    • Get pain points on your product/ your competitor’s
The right problem, Business Model,