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4P strategy

Book: Game Angry
  • A way to role play believable characters

  • The 4Ps stand for: Personality, Posture, Pause, Pfidget

  • Personality: Single word that describes the general personality of the character: Eg: Knightly, Peasantly, Kingly etc

  • Posture: The posture of the character when talking. Eg: Upright, Crouched, Looking around suspiciously etc

  • Pause: The sound+Gesture the character uses for pausing. Eg: A long drawn out Hmmm, chin holding looking upward, chin stroking staring at characters

  • Pfidget: What they do with their hands + body language when speaking. Eg: Waving hands around, hands close together, tips of fingers touching, hands on throne etc

Book: Game Angry,